Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande – Salto do Cabrito, Hiking Trail

Hiking trails are one of the best ways to discover São Miguel, allowing us to know the secrets of the island and to appreciate its natural beauty through the direct contact with nature, which transmits various sensations to us while we appreciate what we see. The island is full of mysterious waterfalls, calderas and streams and this trail offers us some of it all. Surrounded by a wild and well preserved nature, we pass by several boilers and by the hydroeletric power of Fajã Redonda that once reinforced the supply of electricity to the city of Ponta Delgada. After some time walking we are presented with the arrival at the cascade of Salto do Cabrito where, with a waterfall of about 40 meters high, we will have the opportunity to cool off with a well-deserved dive in the natural pool created by the waterfall. We’ll see the waterfall not only from below, but also from the top, which gives us a different prespective and equally spectacular. It is a circular trail and the majority of the route is easy to circulate, although there are some sections with greater demand due to the gain in elevation. After the trail, we are going to have lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, we’re going to the Tea Factory of Porto Formoso, where we visit the factory and try the traditional tea. Then, nothing better than a relaxing moment with a thermal bath in the calderas of Ribeira Grande. On the return to Ponta Delgada, the best way to end our day is by watching the mythical Lagoa do Fogo.

Day duration: Full Day

Difficulty: Easy

Trail extension: 7,5 km
Lunch included

80€ per adult (from 12 years).
40€ per children (8-11 years) .
Minimum age: 8 years old.

Bring: walking boots or shoes, comfortable light clothes, sweater, raincoat, hat, sunblock, backpack, water, swimming suit and towel.


08h30 – Meeting Point
9h00 – Van Ride to Ribeira Grande
9h30 – Trail
12h30 – Lunch in the restaurant Caldeiras
14h00 –Visit to the Tea Factory of Porto Formoso
15h30 – Thermal bath in the caldeiras of Ribeira Grande
17h00 – Return to Ponta Delgada by Lagoa do Fogo (south coast)
17h30 – Arrival to Ponta Delgada

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