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Although young, BGREAT was born from the desire to provide a quality service, customized to each client. We are genuine local guides passionate about our origins. On land or at the sea, there is always new nooks and crannies to be discovered.
Beyond the most famous tourist spots and 'mandatory' attractions, it is deep in the heart of the island where we cand discover idyllic sites yet unexplored.
Safely and, at the same time, protecting and respecting the natural environment around us, we have several activities on offer, both for the more adventurous and for those who seek more relaxed experiences.

Experiences & Surprises

How do you imagine your adventure in the Azores? We have incredible surprises for you, genuine guides and a deep passion for our land!

Bike Rides

Unique experiences in two-wheel rides! We have mountain bikes and e-bikes!


Explore the mystic corners and feel the fresh fragrances of the island of São Miguel!

Four Wheel Rides

Discovering the island in a comfortable and relaxed fashion!

Whale Watching

Board with us in an adventure in search of magnificent whales and dolphins!


The other side of the Azores: an underwater fairy tale!


Strong emotions and a lot of adrenaline in nature, with jumps and abseiling in amazing waterfalls!


Jump, swim, dive and have great fun in an adrenaline-packed experience in paradise-like seawater!

Made for You

We create new experiences and surprises to match your wishes! We love to be challenged!

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